The Hateful Eight (2015)

Directed by Quentin Tarantino
Produced by
Richard N. Gladstein
Shannon McIntosh
Stacey Sher
Written by Quentin Tarantino
Samuel L. Jackson
Kurt Russell
Jennifer Jason Leigh
Walton Goggins
Demián Bichir
Tim Roth
Michael Madsen
Bruce Dern

Plot: While racing toward the town of Red Rock in post-Civil War Wyoming, bounty hunter John “The Hangman” Ruth (Kurt Russell) and his fugitive prisoner (Jennifer Jason Leigh) encounter another bounty hunter (Samuel L. Jackson) and a man who claims to be a sheriff. Hoping to find shelter from a blizzard, the group travels to a stagecoach stopover located on a mountain pass. Greeted there by four strangers, the eight travelers soon learn that they may not make it to their destination after all.

The Hateful Eight wow just wow. Not only is this the worst Quentin Tarantino film ever also the worst film of the year. I want to be clear on that statement that I have seen a lot of films in 2015 and really no its not the worst film of the year. What makes it the worst film of the year for me is the hype surrounding it and the director attached to the project. With this being Tarantino’s eight film I figured by now he would find his place in the world of directing. I really loved his last two films Inglorius Bastards and Django Unchanged. So going into The Hateful Eight nothing but high hopes I was let down.

The plot is long and boring and I did not care about any of the characters backstories or any of the new characters we meet along the way. The joke fell flat and the overall story is not interesting at all. When Tarantino comes out with his ninth film I will not be in the theaters on opening day waiting to watch his next work of art. So with that being said here is my opinion of hist best/worst films.

1. Django Unchanged

2. Jackie Brown

3. Pulp Fiction

4. Inglorius Bastards

5. Reservoir Dogs

6. Kill Bill Series

7. Death Proof

]8. The Hateful Eight

I do want to be clear that I am not a Tarantino fan by any means. What I would like to see him do in the future is expand his actors and use new people. The rumor is Tarantino is only to make two more films so I hope that the next one is way better but I’m not holding my breathe.

Overall Rating: Don’t Bother

I think I said everything that I needed to say about this film. If you are a Tarantino fan you may like it. If your not then don’t even bothe

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