So I decided to get an Xbox One during the holiday season. Before I continue I will not be posting much video game reviews just some every once in a while. Anyway it has been a full week with the Xbox One and I wanted to take this time to share my thoughts.

In order these are the game systems that I have owned in my life.

1. Sega Genesis

2. Playstation

3. Playstation 2

4. Xbox

5. Xbox 360

6. Playstation 3

7. Xbox One

With all those systems I can say my favorite and best was the original xbox. You could save thousands of CD’s and save so many games the system would never be full for me. So at that moment I fell in love with Xbox. So when I purchased the Xbox One I wanted to go back to the old ways with the awesome controller and wonderful looking system. The issues I had right off the start was that it took over 6 hours to start playing games. I thought this was a gaming system but I understand the all in one idea. I started to watch Netflix and Hulu while I was waiting for the games to install. After everything installed I was ready to go and the first game I played was Halo Master Chief Collection. There was a smile on my face once the game started and I was happy that I bought the Xbox One.

Connecting the Xbox to Dish i very cool and its awesome that I can play a game then switch to TV to watch a football game. After the football game I switched back to the Xbox One.

I don’t really see any problems with the Xbox One and I don’t really see an issue with the PS4. I think both systems have their place but for me I think that the Xbox One is a great system for the entire family.

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