Director: Michael Dougherty

Adam Scott
Toni Collette
David Koechner
Allison Tolman
Conchata Ferrell

Tis the season for…demonic cult movies?!

Krampus is set in a loving Christmas theme as any December movie would begin. Family troubles of having a once fun and warm house to everyone now too busy with their own agendas. Our (main?) hero Max wants only to have a holiday like he once so fondly remembers. With gingerbeard cookies, egg nog, and carols around a roaring fire. The very spirited young boy misses the Christmas he once had so badly, it becomes his biggest Christmas wish, in the form of a letter to Santa. But after some plot building drama, that wish quickly is torn to pieces and thrown out the window…the one thing no boy should ever do.

Prior to seeing this movie, I was completely unaware of how popular the anti-holiday icon Krampus had become. He is described as the “Shadow of Santa” as the big man in red in known for good cheer and giving, Krampus onlys knows punishment and taking. Thus, the voice of the internet has been heard yet again, and here I am watching Krampus in the theaters.

As Max’s torn letter of holiday wishes flies out of his window, one Christmas spirit is happy to fulfil this boy’s request. I think you know how this turns out. It starts with a massive blizzard that has our main family snowed in and without power. Yes. Even the cell phones don’t work.

At first, the adults don’t really seem to give a shit about the 3 feet of snow outside, or the creepy snow-people that appear infront of their house. And why would they be? Typical December weather amiright?!

Ok. Griping aside, this movie was actually a lot of fun. The first frames of Krampus are actually pretty cool as you, the viewer, don’t really know what is going on either. Krampus is a beast and he is here to cure this boy of a bad holiday by, you know, killing his family.

After the blizzard, things get pretty nuts. Killer jack-in-the-boxes and assassin gingerbeard men make it unpredictiable and fun. The cast are experienced and show that they are having just as much fun making this as you are watching it. To me, that is something that will shine more in any movie.

The movie is short and simple and knows exactly what it wants. A PG-13 date movie to be enjoyed with candycanes and sugar cookies.

My Rating – Stream it

Although I really did enjoy this movie, any person would have just as much fun as I did watching this on their couch. Dodge a few of the “WTF why isn’t anyone freaked out by this” that you would yell out at the characters and just buckle up for some holiday carnage. I could actually compare this movie to Tremors in many different ways.

Ridiculous monster(s)? check. Clueless gang of people? check. Trapped without power? check. Gun-loving idiot who you are thankful to have because you could really use a gun or two right about now? check.

I enjoyed the not-so-happy ending. But I think the best part would have to be the different theories you read from fans about Krampus and origins.



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