Is Michael Bay still the worst director and producer of all time? I still say maybe, after having seen 13 Hours which by the way I did not know 13 Hours was directed by Michael Bay I started to take a look back at his work and begun to realizes something. I realized that if Michael Bay is not doing Transformers then really his flicks are not all that bad. So lets take a second and look back at what Michael Bay has done then I will conclude this review with the best and worst of his films excluding all the Transformer films so lets begin. However before I begin I want to make this opinion clear, I do not like Michael Bay he just playing sucks. Alright with that out of the way here we go.


  1. Bad Boys (Rotten Tomato Score 43%)
  2. The Rock (Rotten Tomato Score 66%)
  3. Armageddon (Rotten Tomato Score 39%)
  4. Pearl Harbor (Rotten Tomato Score 25%)
  5. Bad Boys 2 (Rotten Tomato Score 22%)
  6. The Island (Rotten Tomato Score 40%)
  7. Pain & Gain (Rotten Tomato Score 49%)
  8. 13 Hours (Rotten Tomato Score 51%)

Now above is everything Michael Bay has directed besides Transformers and do me a favor. Really take a look at this list, just really take a look at it. Just cut Pearl Harbor out and we got a OK director. Now many people dislike Michael Bay for his fast editing and pop rock soundtrack that never stops when the movie begins and I totally get why many people dislike him. However please look at the list above, his filmography is not really that bad. I understand Rotten Tomatoes kills him with reviews and I have never been nice as well but many directors filmography is much worse.

I like Pain & Gain its not a bad movie what so ever. The humor is great and seeing The Rock freak out on cocaine is just wonderful. The Bad Boys franchise is OK, I mean it’s no Lethal Weapon but it does have it’s place. So here is my list for worst to best.

8. Pearl Harbor

7.  Bad Boys 2

6. Armageddon

5. The Island

4. 13 Hours

3. Bad Boys

2. Pain & Gain

  1. The Rock


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