Developer(s) Creative Assembly
Publisher(s) Sega
Distributor(s) 20th Century Fox
Director(s) Alistair Hope
Producer(s) Jonathan Court
Oli Smith
Designer(s) Gary Napper
Clive Lindop
Programmer(s) Clive Gratton
Artist(s) Jude Bond
Writer(s) Dan Abnett
Dion Lay
Will Porter
Composer(s) Christian Henson
Joe Henson
Alexis Smith
Series Alien
Platform(s) Linux
Microsoft Windows
PlayStation 3
PlayStation 4
Xbox 360
Xbox One
Release date(s)
7 October 2014[show]
Genre(s) Action-adventure, stealth, survival horror
Mode(s) Single-player

Alien Isolation the Alien game that every fan has been waiting for, including this fan. A few years ago and Alien game came out called Aliens Colonial Marines and I couldn’t wait to pick that game up. Of course after only two days playing the game I quickly returned the game and never looked back. So in 2014 Alien Isolation was released and me being an Alien fan did not grab the game when it came out. That is right I have never played the game until just a few months ago. I could not buy the game I was hurt too much from the last game and I never thought in a million years that a game like Alien Isolation would ever be made. Now after owning the game for a few months and almost beating it I thought I would take this time to let all you know how awesome this game really is but before I review it Im going to do something a little different. Just simple positive and negative, so enjoy.


You are playing as Amanda Ripley! (one more time) YOU ARE AMANDA RIPLEY !! fans of the second film in the franchise Aliens would know that there is a deleted scene where Ellen Ripley finds out her daughter Amanda Ripley has passed away due to old age. Which pulls at your heart strings for Ellen Ripley but now in this game Alien Isolation you play Amanda. 15 years after the events that took place in the first Alien film. Now without going into major details you find yourself on a space station with a single Alien on board the ship. Alien Isolation makes me feel like what it would be on the Nostromo.


The game is very smart and really is for die hard fans. Casual gamers may not get the full effect of every little detail that is surrounding this game. You not only have to fight against the Alien but also androids called Working Joes and also you have to fight against other humans as well. Alien Isolation is a stealth game. Shooting the Alien wont work, Flame thrower works only the scare the Alien. So the only thing you can do is hide.


I can not believe I’m saying this but the game is way to long. With multiple different endings and a long story mode the game does drag on a bit however tho with that I do feel like I got my moneys worth compared to other games. Really that is all that I have as a negative. I hope one day we get a second game in this new series but If we don’t that is fine with me because finally for once we got an amazing Alien game.



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